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On April 1st, 2012, 135 adults and 50 children committed to go north and launch Summit’s newest campus. In August of 2012, the campus moved into Lake Mary High School and three years later, on August 16, 2015, they officially opened doors in their new permanent location. Over the course of those three years, that original group grew and gained momentum to see God’s vision realized through serving together, forming Connect groups, and inviting people into the family that was forming.


At Summit, we want you to know that you are completely welcome as you are. You'll notice this in everything from the smiling faces who greet you at the doors, to the Prayer Team ready to stand alongside you in prayer after service. If you have any questions—ranging from "where's the water fountain?" to "how can I get connected in community here?"— track down one of our amazing First Impressions volunteers. They're the friendly-looking ones in the white name-tags and are eager to help you out!


Modeled after the early church, we have a rotating team of teachers. As a result, attendees get the unique opportunity to hear the same sound, biblical truth from more than one voice. 


From week to week, you will hear multiple bands with distinct musical styles. Each band plays a mix of updated hymns along with current worship music. Songs are carefully chosen to celebrate God’s character as we prepare to hear his truth and respond to his call. 


When you walk in the doors at Summit, you’ll see a wide variety of clothing choices. Some folks will be in shorts and flip-flops while others will be wearing dresses and ties! Wear whatever feels right for you—we want you to be comfortable here and what’s most important is that you come to worship God, lean in, and listen to what he has to teach you.





100 Technology Park, Suite 110
Lake Mary, FL 32746

Sundays - 9 a.m. & 11 a.m.


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