How We Act Together

God reveals something significant about himself when a body of believers acts on their faith together. When we, as individuals within a community, commit to confessing, serving, edifying, and encouraging, we get a long way toward what community is built for. Through these four biblical callings of the church, we reflect to each other, and the world, the character of Christ.

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October 30, 2016

Jim Keller

Words can be either the most important gift we give to others or the most damaging of all weapons. “Actions speak louder than words” may be true, but your words (or the ones said about you) will most certainly outlive you. As believers, we’re called to speak out about who God is and what he calls us to do. And in the very act of speaking out—or confessing—there’s a power that’s both winsome and compelling.




November 6, 2016

Jim Keller

It’s one thing to say that we have community, but it’s quite another to become a healthily functioning community. And one of our communal purposes is to serve others. Serving means you are purposely and actively putting your needs and desires to the side and making someone else’s needs and priorities your own. This week we will see why we serve, whom we serve, how we serve, and to what end we serve.




November 13, 2016

Jim Keller

God gives us what we need, as a body of believers, to grow and mature spiritually. He calls us to build each other up, and to edify. We are Christ’s body, each with a specific role to play. We’re to use our spiritual gifts in such a way as to complete one another.




November 20, 2016

Jim Keller

In the fourth and final week of our series, we turn our attention to using encouragement as a viable pathway to healthier, deeper, and more meaningful community. An understanding that we all need a healthy community to spur us closer to where God has made us to be gives us an opportunity to be conscious, loving members of something glorious and eternal.

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