God Given

Centuries before the manger, a prophecy of the Messiah was given. Proclaiming the coming of a child who would grow into a man of empathy, power, care, and an everlasting grace that would save us all. Who would enter into the darkness of our world that has always existed and change everything. Whose kingdom, mercies, and peace would know no end. But until then, the earth held its breath. Jesus living into his names—fulfilling the promises of who this baby would become—changes us all as different aspects of his character find their place in us.

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November 27, 2016

Zach Van Dyke

Jesus fulfilled the promise of being a Wonderful Counselor. We see how he lived into that role in his interaction with the Pharisees and the adulterous woman, as well as how he continues to counsel us as we navigate life in today’s messy, and often times dark, world.





Week 2

December 4, 2016

Zach Van Dyke

As we navigate through Isaiah 9:6 and look to the prophecy given before Christ's birth, we see this week how Jesus fulfilled the promise of being a Mighty God, and specifically how Jesus still fulfills that role for us in the midst of life's storms.


Week 3

December 11, 2016

Zach Van Dyke

This week, we are looking at how Jesus fulfilled the promise of being an Everlasting Father. We see Jesus become father to his disciples by helping them face their pain, leading them by example, teaching them a new way, and then letting them get their hands dirty by trying to live out the gospel themselves.



Week 4

December 18, 2016

Zach Van Dyke

This week, we are looking at how Jesus fulfilled the promise of being the Prince of Peace. Isaiah’s prophesying of a baby who would be the Prince of Peace was meant to convey the message that Jesus would be the one responsible for a permanent contentment, yet so much of our definition of peace is wrapped up in our present circumstances. This week we learn that true peace goes well past our current situation, and, as the Prince of Peace, Jesus desires for us to focus on our lives with him and the permanent peace that he brings.

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