The Way By The Wayside

Out of the corner of our eye, in our peripheral vision of the world we inhabit, we see it. We see the brokenness and the devastation. As casual observers, we often glance at this fallen world, holding out hope for better days and crossing our fingers that something brighter is coming on the horizon. Jesus was far from a casual observer of this world, choosing instead to come down into our messiness, bringing peace, grace, and healing. Through his teaching of “The Good Samaritan”, he shows the imperative nature of slowing down, showing mercy, and joining him in bringing the Kingdom of God, as it is in heaven, to earth. But first, we have to look at it.

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Week 1

January 8, 2017

Zach Van Dyke

Over the course of the next three weeks, we’ll be looking to Jesus’ teaching of “The Good Samaritan” and what it reveals to us about mercy. This week, Teaching Minister Zach Van Dyke walks us through the parable, showing that grace always involves an exchange and showing mercy is inherent to what we’re all called to be a part of. Our mission is to invite as many people as we can into the way of grace, and accomplishing that mission starts with us.



Week 2

January 15, 2017

Zach Van Dyke

As we continue through our series on "The Good Samaritan", we will look at the question behind the story and the conversation that prompted Jesus to make up this parable. As the lawyer wrestles with what it looks like to love his God supremely and love his neighbors as himself, we see that Christ’s mercy leaves no one in a gray area. The most unlikely of people have found faith in God because of other’s willingness to share their stories of grace and invite others in.



Week 3

January 22, 2017

Zach Van Dyke

The Good Samaritan" the Samaritan's actions are a reflection of what being “on mission” means. As he looks, meets the need in front of him, and then gives until he feels the burden, something about mercy is revealed to each of us. Word and deed are equally necessary as we carry out our purpose of bringing the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

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