God At First Sight


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God came down at Christmas—not with a mystic flash of light or a trumpet heard ‘round the world. The God of the universe, in all his glory, broke through to humanity by becoming human. He put himself in a position of neediness, relying on flawed humans to overcome their doubts and exemplify patience, to care for and raise him, and to proclaim his arrival.

The Christmas story holds the stories of very real people—Mary and Joseph, the magi, Simeon and Anna, and the shepherds—who experienced a supernatural gift, who had their worlds forever changed by the birth of Jesus.

Join us for God at First Sight as we see the impact of those encounters and what they mean for us.

Week 1: Joseph

Herndon Campus

Zach Van Dyke

November 26, 2017

Week 2: The Magi

Herndon Campus

Zach Van Dyke

December 3, 2017

Week 3: Simeon and Anna

Herndon Campus

Jim Keller

December 10, 2017

Week 4: Mary

Herndon Campus

Kailey Newkirk

December 17, 2017

Christmas Eve

Week 5: The Shepherds

Herndon Campus

Zach Van Dyke

December 24, 2017

Summit Church