The Life After


The resurrection changed everything.

Jesus’ triumphant conquering of the grave transformed his followers. Their encounters with the resurrected Christ allowed for them to wrestle with their doubts, find forgiveness and restoration, and ask their questions about life and faith. Our encounters with Jesus allow us the same opportunity—to face the risen Savior of the world, with our questions and hardships in hand, and trust that in him our needs are met, our fears are overcome, our hope is secured.




APRIL 29, 2018

Week 4

Zach Van Dyke  |   Herndon Campus

God is grace. Everyone needs grace because grace saves us. Grace calls you and, one way or another, everyone must respond to grace. Grace invites you to new life, but grace must be chosen daily. We worship the God who saves and brings us to new life.

APRIL 22, 2018

Week 3

Jeff Kern  |   Herndon Campus

How do we think about the Bible— the Old Testament in particular? The Old Testament’s purpose is to reveal to us who God is and how to recognize Emmanuel when he comes. Jesus spent his time on earth affirming it's teachings and fulfilling it's promise, which is such good news for all of us! 

APRIL 15, 2018

Week 2

Jim Keller   |   Herndon Campus

In Jesus' conversation with Peter, Jesus asks the same question three times. Jesus doesn't ask if Peter's sorry, he asks if he loves him. Jesus doesn't ask if we love him enough; he's content with our ability and capacity to love him where we're at. 

APRIL 8, 2018

Week 1

Zach Van Dyke   |   Herndon Campus

Jesus' interaction with Thomas invites us to examine Jesus' life, express our doubts, touch Jesus' wounds, and believe. We worship Jesus as Lord and God as Thomas says at the end of the gospel of John. Unless we see Jesus as the great I Am we cannot have life and life abundantly. 

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