Early Acts


The first apostles followed instructions left by Jesus: guided by the Holy Spirit, they were to be his architects that would help shape his kingdom on earth. They took this blueprint and built the early church—not a physical building but a movement—and these people began to turn the world upside down. 

Actions tell us about people. Actions point us to why people do the things they do. Actions show us how people relate to the world and to each other. Does the church create community, serve others, act bold, trust God, and break down barriers? Is the church still turning the world upside down?

Actions should align with priorities, and our priorities should align with what Jesus taught. So what are we going to build?




August 11, 2019

Zach Van Dyke   |   Herndon Campus

Acts 2:14-41

August 18, 2019

Zach Van Dyke   |   Herndon Campus

Acts 2:42-47

Summit Church