Our senior staff members are responsible for leading the church and its ministries according to the pattern in the Scriptures.


Lead Pastor

John Parker //

Worship Pastor

Andy Simonds //

Organizational Development Pastor

Jeff Kern //

WATERFORD Campus Pastor

Garry Abbott //

Executive assistant

Jessica Meyer //


The Governing Board is a team of seasoned and godly leaders who serve a vital role in providing fiduciary oversight and providing counsel regarding important decisions. They ensure the mission, vision, and doctrine of Summit are upheld and support the pastoral staff as they pursue personal holiness. 


Leigh Ann Horton

Amanda Ober

Brian Grandstaff

Chris King

Heath Hensley 

Bob McAdam


This team advises the Strategy Team in areas of finance, facilities, human resources, and IT functions of the church. They also make recommendations directly to the Governing Board on cash management, budget, and asset controls and provide an independent review of all accounting records.


Jeff Kern

Eric Katauskas 

Jeff Porter

Tom Aikens

Brian Grandstaff 


This team reviews the local and global ministry goals for the church. They also help decide where Summit Church gives 15 percent of its budget, which is allocated to meet needs outside of the church. 


Roger Bruehl

Jim Rogers

Chase Fults

Macon Hare

Mollie Mitchell


A concept modeled by the early church in Acts, this team gives us the opportunity to hear the same sound, biblical truth from more than one voice.


Teaching minister

Jim Keller //

Herndon Campus Pastor

Zach Van Dyke //

ReGROUP Director

Kailey Newkirk //



This team works hard to meet people where they are and help them prayerfully take their next right step at each of our Summit campuses.


Herndon campus Pastor

Zach Van Dyke //

Lake Mary Campus Minister

O.J. Aldrich //

Waterford Campus PASTOR

Garry Abbott //


This dynamic team communicates, week in and week out, to your kids and students that God loves them and that God has big plans for their lives.


Family Ministry Director | Tracy Beeson  //

Herndon Children’s Ministry Director | Deanna McLellan //

Herndon Children's Ministry Curriculum Coordinator | Jessica Gomez //

Herndon Elementary Groups Coordinator | Laura Hunt //

Herndon Preschool Ministry Coordinator | Jill Kern //

Herndon Children's Ministry Evening Coordinator | Asha Junot //

Herndon Elementary Productions Coordinator  |  Shauna Kidwell //

Herndon Student Ministry Worship Coordinator | Peter Hackler //

Waterford Children’s Ministry Director | Keely Hardaway //

Waterford Student Ministries Coordinator | Ashley Conrad //

Lake Mary Children's Ministry Coordinator  | Brooke Shoopman //

Lake Mary Student Ministries Coordinator | Chad Buel //

BCL Content Coordinator | Michael Murray //

BCL Coordinator | Darling Heldt //


They’re responsible for making sure everyone who walks through the doors at Summit feels welcome and at home here. They oversee the volunteers that create your first impression of Summit.


Herndon First Impressions Director | Dan Sherfield //

Herndon First Impressions Coordinator | Julia Kaplan //

Waterford Ministry Coordinator | Christine Colon //

Lake Mary Ministry Coordinator | Amy Kaufholz //



They help our congregation by creating environments where people can grow in the knowledge and character of Christ.


reGROUP Director | Kailey Newkirk //

Herndon Summit Connect Director | Dan Sherfield //

Waterford Campus Pastor | Garry Abbott //

Lake Mary Campus Minister | O.J. Aldrich //



This team strives to care well for those in need and build relationships with organizations worldwide that share a vision for ending injustices brought about by poverty.


Community Development Coordinator | Elizabeth Cronlund //

Global Partnerships Coordinator | Nathan Boyett //


Our 33rd Street Team works hard to bring church to the men and women inside of the 33rd Street Jail and create an environment of worship and Christ-centered community.


Team Leader | John Parker //

Team 33rd Administrator | Lisa Jamison //


This creative crew makes sure the Summit community has everything they need to live out Summit’s vision through providing information and news via online and print mediums.


Creative Director | Greg Perkins //

Communications Manager | Virginia Schultz //

Video Producer | Brian Hogan //

Content Coordinator | Katie Schmidt //

Designer/Photographer |  LJ Judy //

Communications Coordinator | Kari Freeman //



This talented bunch plans the weekly services, ensuring that all elements are cohesive, purposeful, and engaging for the congregation—in addition to heading up an incredibly talented team of volunteer musicians.


Worship Director | Trey Colson //

Waterford Worship Minister | David Burleson //

Lake Mary Worship Minister | Eric Champion //

Technical Director | Joel Legros //

Stage Manager | Brendan May //

Production Technician | Josue Torres //


They handle accounting, bookkeeping, facilities management, human resources, office administration, IT, and more—basically the Summit office wouldn’t run without this team of behind-the-scenes folks.


Operations Coordinator | Will Dickinson //

Facilities Administrator | Will Alejandro //

Facilities Administrator | Stephen Gable //

Accounting Coordinator | Jennifer Pugh //

IT Administrator | Brad Wiltfang //

Operations Administrator | Natalie Sutkowy //

Receptionist | Anna May //