Connect Groups

Connect groups are one of the primary ways we build community and learn together. These groups of 8-12 people meet regularly for about 12-18 months to study God’s Word, participate in service projects, and grow closer to Christ together.



Our recovery ministry, reGROUP, is a Summit Connect community of healing and hope, as each of us embrace our individual story and why it matters. Many of us need to create some space between ourselves and certain behaviors or attitudes that may be hurting our relationship with others, with ourselves, and with God.


Serve at Summit

It's a really big deal that everyone at Summit feels welcomed, that kids in Base Camp hear that Jesus loves them, and that the people onstage aren't standing in the dark. Summit volunteers make church happen every week and we'd love to have you on the team.



A partner at Summit is essentially someone who is committed to being all-in to living out the vision God has given Summit. These are the people who are passionate about what it looks like to dig in a little deeper to the community of Summit and how they can be a part of what God is up to here.



At Summit, we believe that believer’s baptism is a crucial outward act of one’s inward confession of faith and acceptance of Christ as Savior. It serves as a real and tangible channel marker in the lives of believers, showing that they are members of the body of Christ, and helps to anchor them in their faith.

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Summit University

Summit University, or Summit U, offers opportunities for you to connect with God and others—not just for the sake of being in community, but for the purpose of equipping you for whatever work God has put in front of you to do. We do this in the form of classes, seminars, and group studies offered throughout the year.