What is a Summit partner?
A partner at Summit is essentially someone who is committed to being all-in to living out the vision God has given Summit. These are the people who are passionate about what it looks like to dig in a little deeper to the community of Summit and how they can be a part of what God is up to here.

How do I become a partner?
Several times a year, we hold Partnership Classes where you can decide if becoming a partner is a good next step for you. Partnership Classes will be listed on our events page.

What is Partnership Class?
Our Partnership Class is a chance to hear from our church leadership about the things that make up Summit—we’ll talk through our vision, values, and structure. You get to hear about the vision that we’ll pursue and how that vision is lived out in ministry environments. You’ll learn the history of our church, what we believe, how we allocate funds, and how we will partner with you if you choose to plant your flag here and claim Summit as your church home.