Summit Students exists to help students take their next right step toward God.

Through weekly large group events and small group discussion times, students are provided an opportunity to connect with each other, with adult leaders, and with God.

We encourage all of our students to own their faith as they begin to mature and face new social challenges, while learning to live and function in healthy community with peers and adults. Everything we do—from games and music, to teaching and Connect groups—is designed to provide a forum for students to learn that they matter, to explore Scripture, and to encounter Jesus. As students grow and change, the topics discussed and the teachings presented will delve in deeper and be consistently relevant to their stage of life.


Surge | Middle School

Sundays 4-6 p.m. | Herndon, Lake Mary, and Waterford Campuses


Edge | High School

Sundays at 6:30-8:30 p.m. | Herndon, Lake Mary, and Waterford Campuses

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If you have any questions about what Student Ministries looks like at Summit or how you can get involved, please contact the Summit Student Ministry staff member for your campus.


Lake Mary Campus

Chad Buel


Waterford Campus

Nicole Zeeb